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The Confident Brain Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Catharina Kleuskens The Confident Brain

Catharina Kleuskens specializes in exposure therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), an effective behavioral approach to treatment that focuses on identifying the presenting issues. Treatment will encourage children, adolescents, parents and adults to learn new coping strategies to empower themselves.

Catharina Kleuskens Social Anxiety Therapist

Catharina specializes in the treatment of children and adolescents with social anxiety and selective mutism.

The Confident Brain is based in Merrick, on Long Island. Catharina (Catri) has worked in the field for over 20 years with children and their families. She graduated from the University of Sittard, the Netherlands and has many years of clinical training. She has obtained her doctorate at Adelphi University and is continuing  her research on selective mutism and childhood anxiety, with an emphasis on Kindergarten transitions.

Catharina offers treatment in her office, at the client’s home or school environments to support every child’s individual goals and needs. She uses a variety of techniques and clinical interventions that include cognitive behavioral therapy and exposure therapy.

"Catri Kleuskens is one of those rare professionals that not only has a wealth of knowledge about children but also knows how to interact with them to create a calming presence in their lives. She sees the good in all children and helps them to learn how to cope through play so they can see the good in themselves. If your child has anxiety she is the person to go to. My son wouldn't be the person he is today without her."
- Mom of now 17 year old who worked with Catri as a child
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